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The Story of Me and My Hats

I love hats and had a vision that I was a hat designer. So I gave up furniture painting with artistic flair, (I will share some of those pics), I decided why not try my artwork on hats. So in November of 2022, I got rid of all my furniture and paints and started designing cool hats. The most fun part for me is the visions and making them come true. 

I love to let my imagination run wild and what’s really cool is that you can be a part of that process. Maybe you have grandma's brooch or a special bandana that belonged to someone in your family. Well I can incorporate those items on your hat. You can even have me burn a meaningful phrase on your hat!! It will be a keepsake to be handed down to your kids.

I am not a hat maker, I wish I was but then my hats would be so expensive like those in the big cities. I want to keep them affordable to you. I also acquire vintage cowboy hats and old fedoras, but my favorite is the suede-like feel of my ranch hats. I hope you enjoy my designs. Please let me know what I can do for you or purchase a pre-made one-of-a-kind in my store.

Thank you, Carla

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